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  • tires swap
Why is it worth to exchange tires seasonally? Check...

Many car owners wonder why summer tires need to be replaced for the winter is not waiting on the road will be snow, but when the average daily temperature fluctuates around 7 ° C. The explanation is simple: it was necessary to establish a specific limit temperature to manufacture tires can turn to adjust the parameters of a tire intended to ride just in winter. Winter tires are not only different, stronger than in the summer, tread pattern but also its internal structure. Therefore, their manufacturers know that it has to work : Give sufficient grip when it is cold and the temperature approaches zero, freely choose the appropriate chemical composition. Under similar conditions, during the winter cold weather, summer tire with a different internal structure gets hard and the grip dramatically deteriorating. The same summer winter tire becomes too soft and quickly wears out. Meanwhile, the winter tire is not enough that maintains adequate plasticity when it's cold, it's still having adequate tread well "clings" to the road surface. Winter tire tread is more massive than a year, and this on her forehead there are small grooves called. sipes. Their task is sucked tires to the road surface at the time of its contact with the ground. The tire rotates, of course, and said sucked takes fractions of seconds, but since the sipe is around the perimeter of the front tires, it is virtually permanently sucked into the substrate. - Even the worst winter tire will be the period from November to April, better than the best year - tell us Experts from the company "Zajkiewicz." - Drivers who have been changing tires seasonally know this well. Contrary to some opinions, it does not matter whether we go on town or overcome long distances. When it is cold, confident and safer guided car "booted" in winter tires. It should be remembered though that the grip of the tire is also braking and so. better grip in the corners.

Pricelist Check...

Screw the wheel rims for 4 items

20,00 zł
2 Spacer sprinter size 15 (single wheel) 70,00 zł
3 Spacer sprinter size 15/16 (twins) 90,00 zł
4 Spacer sprinter size 16 (single) 80,00 zł
5 Spacer vario size 17.5 (twins) 120,00 zł
6 Balancing aluminum from 12 to 15 6,00 zł
7 Balancing aluminum above 15 7,00 zł

Balancing steel from 12 to 15

4,00 zł
9 Balancing steel above 15 5,00 zł
10 Change Tires, aluminum 13-14 45,00 zł
11 Change Tires, aluminum 15 48,00 zł
12 Change Tires, aluminum 16 56,00 zł
13 Change Tires, aluminum 17 64,00 zł
14 Change Tires, aluminum 18 88,00 zł
15 Change Tires, aluminum 19-20 98,00 zł
16 Change Tires, Steel 13-14 40,00 zł
17 Change Tires, Steel 15 44,00 zł
18 Change Tires, Steel 16 48,00 zł
19 Change Tires, steel 17 56,00 zł

Slipper simple patch

12,00 zł

Slipper repair pin

15,00 zł

Slipper little patch enhanced CT 10HP

15,00 zł

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