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About Us

We are pleased to present you with the company's operations and invite you to cooperation that will bring you satisfaction and benefits. We are growing transport company, specializing in the transport of people on Polish territory and throughout Europe, on the market since 2000.

The company has a regular domestic voyages. Our company employs drivers with many years of experience in the transport industry. The crew of our company is well-coordinated and experienced team, which is characterized by high personal culture and the ability to make the right decisions. MAT-BUS is a sign not only of availability, reliability and professionalism from our drivers, is also a concern and care for the safety of our passengers.

With us you will travel the world!!!

  • We provide express and safe journey
  • transport services of the highest standard
  • we guarantee the lowest price of transport
  • we adapt ourselves to the customer needs
  • we deliver high quality services in all weather conditions
  • nice service staff

You are welcome to join us!!!